KKB Anadolu Datacenter White Space3 and White Space 4 Cooling project completed

The project for the installation, commisioning and heat load testing for 20 nos. of 150 kW Air to Air cooling system (total of 3 MW cooling) has been successfully completed. The project is located in Ankara, Turkey in Kredi Kayıt Bürosu Tier4 datacenter. Our company was the main contractor on an EPC basis of the complete phase one of this plant. In phase one we have already installed 20 nos. of 150 kW cooling system for White Space 1 and White Space 2. This project was for Whitespaces 3 and 4 respectively paralel to the expansion of KKB’s customers.

Both white spaces were tested under full heat load according to N+4 configuration and according to Uptime Institute Tier-4 standarts and various failure scenarios. 

After the successfull completion of the systems, the cooling units are handed over to the Data center operation teams.