About Us

PALMET was established as an engineering and EPC company in 1984 in Turkey. Core business model was based on metal works, precision cooling systems, raised flooring, fire suppression and prevention systems, power systems and data centers and data rooms. PALMET successfully completed numerous major engineerings projects throughout Turkey and the world.

With the privatization of the energy market in Turkey, PALMET has stepped into the energy sector with the natural gas distribution networks  initiated throughout Turkey in the 90’ies; and with the establishment of 2001 Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK) in 2001, it has formally become one of the first investors of the energy sector, with PALGAZ and PALEN companies which have obtained the Natural Gas Distribution License Tenders of Gebze and Erzurum cities respectively.

As for today, it is possible to summarize the our Group activities under the following main headlines;
  • EPC and engineering services to own energy operations (experience with Natural Gas Distribution Grids, Gas Fired Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants)
  • EPC and engineering services to 3rd party projects (Datacenters, Fire prevention and suppresion systems, turnkey based EPC projects with diverse engineering technologies)
  • Business development in new energy sources and technologies (Waste to Energy Projects)
  • Operation of inner-city natural gas distribution grids and networks (Gebze and Erzurum cities of Turkey),
  • Natural Gas (LNG) import and wholesale sale,
  • Electricity production (currently running 2 nos. of natural gas fired power plants)
  • Electricity Trade.