Ethic Codes

Palmet Group of Companies Ethic Code

A. Honesty and Legitimacy

Honesty and Legitimacy are having priority in all of our processes and relations. We behave toward honesty and legitimacy in all of relations with our employees and also our shareholders, too.  We expect same honesty and legitimacy from our employees and our shareholders.

We lead in accordance with local and international law rules our domestic and abroad operations and actions. We submit in due time exact and comprehensible informations to legal arrengement regulation bodies and organizations.

We never receive or provide pay-off  and never receive or provide inappropriate  gift, manufacture, service, etc. . Essential principal is Palmet Grup of Companies employees don’t receive presents or profits which can impact their objectivity and judgements and also don’t attempt to supply presents or profits to third parties which can creates this kind of effects.

B. Non-Discrimination Principal

We never do discrimination between employees, clients, suppliers, stockowners and other stakeholders by reasons of religion, race, sex, health status, marital status, political opinion, social or economic category. We expect Palmet Grup Employees behave righteous and egalitarian to everybody, avoid to be prejudiced.

C. Confidentiality

Confidencial and private informations are informations which can cause disadvantages for Palmet Grup Companies in terms of competition, trade secrets, financial and other informations which are not publicity recently, employee rights informations and the informations which are inclusive confidentiality agreements with third parties.

We don’t take projects, plans, regulations, guides, private and confidential informations, instruments, documents etc.  out of company, which we possess by reason of our positions, tasks and duties.

We care to defend employees and third parties privacy, confidentiality and confidential informations. We care confidential and private informations belongs to Palmet Grup of Companies operations and actions. We share this informations only with employees wich are determined  autorizations.

D. Prevention of Conflict of Interest

We follow these proprities in case of potential conflict of interest situations when we are sure to use protect safely profits of concerned parties by means of legal and ethical methods. We consult with our superintendent, HR Department or Ethic Committee in case of hasitation.

As employees of Palmet Grup of Companies, we purpose to avoid any conflict of interest. We don’t provide private ends from people or companies which we were in business connection by means of our families or our naturel affections by the help of our position individually. We don’t be in business relations which financial advantage based with any other company or person except Palmet Grup of Companies while we are working here.   We avoid to use company name,  power and company ID, with a view to provide  personal interest.

E. Social Responsibility

We behave toward sense of resposibility for our clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, society and for humanity. We purpose ; eradication of irregularity and crime, education of society, protect of environment, human rights and democracy. We behave sensitive and innovator with senses of to be a good citizens. We contribute to non-governmental organizations, benevolent corporations and activities. We behave sensitive to culture and traditions of Turkey and other countries which we make business with.

F. Responsibility To The Palmet Brand

Our business partners, clients and other stakeholders trust us through our honesty and professional qualifications. This reputation comes to top priority for us.

We provide our services in accordance with corporate policies, Professional Standarts, Engagements and Ethic Rules, We dedicated efforts to perform our obligations.

We care to serve in areas which we are professionally expert. We purpose to do business with clients, business partners and employees who observe criterions of veracity and legality. We don’t do business with who are violates public policy, harms environment and public health.

We express not self opinions but only our companies sights when audiences think we represent our company.

We stand on equal distance to all sorts of public instutitions, administrative organs, non-governmental organizations and political parties without  an expectation of advantage while we lead all of our actions and operations  and we perform our obligations with this sense of responsibility

We consult firstly, to appropriate colleague and apply procedures, when we encounter a complicated problem wich carries a risk for Palmet Grup of Companies .

G. Working Principles of the Ethic Rule Advisor

The Ethics Board conducts its activities within the framework of the principles stated below:

  • Keeps the complaints/notifications and the identity of the complainant confidential.
  • Conducts the investigation with confidentiality as much as possible.
  • Has the authority to request information, documents, and evidence concerning the investigation directly from the related department. May analyze all information and documents only within the subject limits of the investigation.
  • The investigation is handled in urgency, and resolved as rapidly as possible.
  • Resolutions of the Ethics Board are executed immediately.
  • Relevant departments and authorities are informed of the outcome.

For questions or to raise any concerns regarding possible violations, you may directly contact the Ethic Rule Advisor through the following e-mail or mail address:


Postal Adress: Bulgurlu Caddesi No: 60 Küçük Çamlıca 34696 Üsküdar/İstanbul/Turkey