Mission and Vision

The purpose of PALMET is to associate its operations with the technologies which are the consciousness of the environment and to develop the level of prosperity of the human beings all over the world. However, the most important is the fact that PALMET gives importance to your future.

Our target is continuous development. Today, our company holds a place among the firms which are the leaders of the Engineering and Energy Sectors; this leadership of ours will also proceed in our continuing investments.

We believe that we will achieve this by continuously evaluating our own activities and skills which will always enable us to meet the new demands. Moreover, we will also continue to improve strategic partnerships with partners who are ready and efficient to grow with us.

As a company, we have wended a long way in comparatively a short time; however, time never waits for a company, our mission is to go on searching even more investment opportunities and to develop new strategies that will enable our efforts to be successful both in Turkey and in the International Engineering and Energy Markets.

And we never forget that we must shape our future all together by protecting our World and our environment.