Message From Our President

I believe that the focus should be clear so that any organization can reach its purposes and targets and enable to realize its potential. Benefiting from this opportunity, I would like to share a short summary of our strategy at present and in the future with you our precious customers and suppliers .

In 2007, important structural changes were realized in our group, and the basic reform was splitting of Palmet Metal Industry into two different companies; Palmet Enerji A.Ş. and Palmet Mühendislik ve Taahhüt Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Palmet Engineering and Commitment Services). All our activities related to energy have become part of Palmet Enerji A.Ş. and the remaining energy and external services were transferred to newly established Palmet Mühendislik ve Taahhüt Hizmetleri.

As a result of this division, Palmet Energy A.Ş. will continue its long term investments in the energy sector as well as being able to make additional attempts in the Turkish energy industry participating in the energy projects in the foreign countries as well.

As some of you know, twelve years ago, we took our operational step in the natural gas sector related to Palgaz and Palen's obtaining licenses so as to carry out the urban natural gas distribution in Gebze and Erzurum. Superintending this exciting and new phase of our development and giving you information related to the fact that this is a very successful enterprise is very gratifying for me. Moreover, our natural gas trade company Gazport, of which we are the owner, has obtained an acceleration by holding a place in the sector as from 2009. These new developments keeps us at the forefront of the sector and enable us to carry on searching new opportunities by obtaining new licenses and going into partnerships in favorable conditions.

At the beginning of 2007, we had a clear strategy in terms of being an electricity producer. As for today, our 60-MW Delta Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant and 62- MW Ales Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, which are currently in force , we have gained grounds in reaching our goals in a few years with the 291-MW Eriç Dam and the HES Project. However, we are continuing on our path as Palmet Energy and carrying on our works related to energy plants based on Wind and Solar energy besides our current.

In summary, the basic advance of our new business developments will be clearly in the Energy Sector. We have focused well on the future of the Energy Sector and the opportunities presented to us in the market that has been privatized and we are very ambitious in terms of being a very serious actor in all aspects of the Energy Sector.

Doğanay Samuray
Chairmen, CEO